More About ME...

Here's what I KNEW:

I am incredible at seeing the whole picture, from beginning to end - everything that needs attention - all the details.

I don't like doing technical things like programming websites, auto-responders and such.

My intuition about people and situations is spot on.  I trust it - always.

Every business needs a "reality check," and sometimes the problem is not the business--it's us.

Here's what I LEARNED:

I need clarity around what I enjoyed doing for business.

I need to have the right people around me that knew how to do what I didn't, or what I did not enjoy doing.

I need the research that supported my business idea.

Here's what I DO with MY CLIENTS:

Business reality checks - what is working and what is not

Strategies and brainstorming

Find their gold - their key feature - and leverage it to monetize their business


Are you stuck on first base with your idea and don't know how to get to second?

Do you have a program that's not getting the amount of registrations you desire?

Is lack of support holding you back?  Could you use an extra pair of hands to do the technical work on your website and shopping cart?

What is keeping you up at night?  Is there something needing to be completed nagging at you?

Are you beginning to dread work?  Have you forgotten what it's like to love your business?

Here are the possibilities – see the bright future

You can have a financially successful business, an Empire if you wish and build a legacy of wealth.  It's all in how you look at things. What do you really want?  You can make a difference - be in control of your destiny.

STAND up, say YES to success and happiness, less stress and more joy

To work with me - Toni Jo Artz, The Think Bigger Expert & Big Idea Strategist - all you have to do is SAY YES.  And it's easy - there doesn't have to be a long-term commitment.  Sign up for a Idea to Action session with me, and we'll get you from stressed, overwhelmed, and worried to making a difference, making money, and having fun.