A Chief Operations Officer for You and Your Company

  • Add structure and systems
  • Create freedom and flexibility
  • Build community and teamwork
  • Develop the big picture

f o r  l i f e  a n d  b u s i n e s s

Toni Jo Artz

Thinking about hiring a COO?


If you’ve been thinking about taking your business to the next level and not sure how YOU will do it all. Engage a COO

With 15+ years’ experience in management, a budget-focused mindset, and advanced organizational leadership skills I can help you put in place a strong business foundation.

Here's what I KNEW:

  • I am incredible at seeing the whole picture, from beginning to end - everything that needs attention - all the details.
  • I don't like doing technical things like programming websites, auto-responders and such.
  • My intuition about people and situations is spot on. I trust it - always.
  • Every business needs a "reality check," and sometimes the problem is not the business--it's us.

Here's what I've LEARNED:

  • I need clarity around what I enjoyed doing for business.
  • I need to have the right people around me that knew how to do what I didn't, or what I did not enjoy doing.
  • I need the research that supported my business idea.

Here's what I DO with MY CLIENTS:

  • Business reality checks - what is working and what is not
  • Strategies and brainstorming
  • Find their gold - their key feature - and leverage it to monetize their business

I have aided in the development of:

  • creative and unique products
  • easy promotion and marketing plans
  • agendas and locations for high-end private client retreats
  • streamlined sales and fulfillment processes
  • training programs