Toni Jo Artz knows that a profitable business is more than one thing.  She works with business owners to craft the perfect blueprint; designing an empire vs. a hobby.

What Others Say...

I can't recommend Toni Jo highly enough!  Quit managing your event logistics and call her today.  Your only regret will be that you didn't do it sooner! 

John V. Childers, Jr. Esq.

Profit Publishing Group

As You May Know...

I have worked with, trained under and supported some of the best of the best; especially when it comes to online marketing and working virtually. However what makes me special is my sixth sense; my instinctive tell it like it is intuition. I have the ability to focus into a situation; see all the details needing to be attended to and where expansion is possible.  Yes, I can see bigger which then holds a bigger business vision. And all this comes very naturally.

I've been involved in running businesses since the beginning of my adult working life. At times I worked for a single person, others in a corporation, and finally for myself. Each experience taught me many things - some good, some great. But what I discovered is that I work best behind the scenes helping business owners and their staffs uncover hidden business potential. I have a feel for what a person needs to do in order to move his/her business forward, or even to put a strong foundation under a business that's floundering.

I've learned from and worked with business owners who are at the top of their game. I've helped them achieve successful growth, and know firsthand what works and what does not.

Individuals I work with are passionate about what they do, and I work with them to bring this specialized knowledge to the world. It's truly exciting for me to watch businesses grown.

And your business will grow too. All you need to do is roll up your shirt sleeves, and pull back the company curtain so I can see into your world.​​